I am Haili Wu, a designer

I believe design is an instrument of carrying messages to its audience. I believe design thinking is one of the most potent tools to provoke positive actions. I also think the design can inspire people by asking the question of ‘what if’, which encourage people to think about the world differently.

Design Projects


The project is based in 2026, where social media addiction becomes a critical problem. It aims to help social media addicts establishing a positive connection with others. The outcome is a service that connects its user physically and locally through different touchpoints.

This project is about collective intelligence and how it can be adapted for elderly cancer survivors who are not good at tech in 2030. The outcome is a service call Kiki, providing lifestyle recommendations that can keep users healthy without mentioning cancer.


This is the project I did with my friends for the IF design competition 2020.  The brief asked us to use design as a tool and solve one of the problems related to the fifteen UN sustainable life goals. My friend and I decided to focus on ‘Responsible Consumption and Production. 

This project asked students to work as a team and collaborated with the NHS gynaecology department in the Crosshouse hospital. We need to visit the hospital, understand how the system works and identify problems that reduce the patient experience. Then, we need to come up with possible solutions that can improve the patient experience.

This project asks students to work in a team of 3 or 4 to develop a new brand for the near future market. The theme for this project is the home of the future. Each group will be given a different room within the home. The team need to understand how we might live in the future through analysing different areas such as social, economic, technology, political and environmental. How we might live in the future will suggest new desire, which allows each team to develop brands and product family that face these need. 

This project asks me to redesign a given product by adding a given characteristic to it. For example, what is an aggressive music player? What would it look like? Whom would it be for? The product I design need to allows my users to connect with on an emotional and personal level. In my case, the product and the character that I needed to work with is the camera and playful. At the end of the project, I should deliver a final model and a video that can express the user experience that I designed for my user.

In this project, my teammate and I explored how to add value to a mundane moment such as cooking, walking and reading. We focused on walking with an umbrella as our ‘moment’, and choose commuters as the users. The brief also requests us to used existing conditions/behaviours/actions inherent in this mundane moment as the input for the intervention. We also need to have an output (response) that is up to us.

This is a short 2 weeks collaboration project during the lockdown in the UK. We wondered what positive things we could produce in this COVID-19 pandemic as a designer. Delightedly, this work has been selected as the interaction winner at the D’source Corona Design Challenge. This Interaction/Service Design challenge was about designing a creative COVID-19 system to manage people in public spaces. This system could be deployed in shopping centres, hospitals, airport/railway/bus/shipping, and banks. This system should work effectively even after the epidemic, and the system should make use of interactive technologies.