I am Haili Wu,
A UX/Product Designer

I see myself as a bridge between the industry, society and users. I am motivated by future design thinking, the transdisciplinary approach, the user behaviours, the social and technical aspects of design.
I aim to produce ideas that enhance the relationship between people, technology, industry and nature.

Design Projects

Project image of EasyGreen project(Haili)

A way to reduce plastic consumption: EasyGreen

The project is an exploreation based on SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production from the UN. The team looks, particularly at how data, technology, and design can potentially help Design informatics from the University of Edinburgh and its fellow students to reduce plastic consumption based on their everyday life.

Data Visualisation:
The Crowed Orbit

I worked interdisciplinary with other designers, computer scientists and researchers. We aim to use an interactive website to raise the awareness of the public of the crowed orbits

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Alternative Social Experience: The Playground

By setting the project into the future context, we establish a space to understand our current living experience. 

The project is based on 2026, where research has shown that social media addiction may become a critical problem. I try to uncover the human factory behind the phenomenal and help social media addicts to establish a positive connection with others. The outcome is a service that connects its user physically and locally through different touchpoints.

Future Remote care: Kiki

This project is about exploring the concept of 'collective intelligence' and how it can be adapted for elderly cancer survivors who are not good at tech in 2030. The outcome is a service call Kiki, providing lifestyle recommendations that can keep users healthy without mentioning cancer.

The projects representing the Glasgow School of Art Innovation School taking part in the exhibition. 

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This is the project is one of the winners of the IF design competition 2020. In this project, I focus on exploring SDG 12: ‘Responsible Consumption and Production. Looking particularly at increasing awareness of the pollution based on single-use coffee cups.

NHS Project

In this project, I and the team collaborate with the NHS gynaecology department in the Crosshouse hospital. Trying to improve the user experience within the patient journey.


Brand X

In this project, the team aim to design a new brand for a future home 'Expo exhibition'. My team look specific to the Bathroom.

The outcome of this project was exhibited at the Lighthouse gallery, Glasgow.


In this project, I explore the characteristics of a product. For example, what is an aggressive music player? What would it look like? Whom would it be for? The product I design needs to allow my users to connect with on an emotional and personal level. The product I choose to explore is the camera.

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Responsive Environment

In this project, my teammate and I explored how to add value to a mundane moment such as cooking, walking and reading. We focused on walking with an umbrella as our ‘moment’, and choose commuters as the users. 


This is a short two weeks collaboration project during the lockdown in the UK. Designer Ruka Kameda and I wondered what positive things we could produce in this COVID-19 pandemic as a designer. Delightedly, this work has been selected as the interaction winner at the D’source Corona Design Challenge. This Interaction/Service Design challenge was about designing a creative COVID-19 system to manage people in public spaces. This system could be deployed in shopping centres, hospitals, airports/railways/buses/shipping, and banks. This system should work effectively even after the epidemic, and the system should make use of interactive technologies.

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