The starting point

We notice that there are many ideas were trying to adjust the problems that bring by single-use products. However, the pollution never really reduce because the market of the single-use item will always there. Thus, my friend and I thought we should approach the answer from another perspective, which is, try to reduce the pollution from affecting people’s behaviours and increase their awareness of single-use products by adding value to the single-use object. 
And the Fertile coffee cup is our outcome. Which affect our users to responsible for consumption with some excellent experience.



We focus our user group and scenario into the modern office, where people has a high demand for coffee and very little time to do recycle.

We analysis the lifestyle of the young office worker and put together two personas that helps us to get a good reference of the users during our design process.

Final Outcome

‘Fertile’ is a sustainable coffee cup that opens up a new relationship with single-used products to people in a busy modern lifestyle. It creates a positive experience for the environment with the people by adding value and upcycling the now existing single-use cups by being able to grow plants using the ‘fertile.’

This project began by seeing the bins in the city. It is always full of single-use coffee cups, often not washed or separated into different materials to be recycled. We wondered about a way to make it more sustainable by making it easier for consumers with a busy lifestyle to become environmentally friendly.

This cup doesn’t require any plastic lid, because it is made from 100% degradable, recycled paper, and from the container to the lid, is made out of one piece of paper using the Origami method. Consumers will be given this cup with a handle made out of dissolving paper. Inside the handle contains seed, soil, and coffee grounds which works as a fertilizer when growing a plant. These comfortable, handy steps could encourage people to grow more green in offices and promotes responsible consumption and production.

The Fertile

WeChat Image_20200706112849.png

Front of the handle
(dissolving paper)

Back of the handle
(dissolving paper)

Soil & Seed

Coffee Ground

The handle design

The User Journey Storyboard


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This is a team project between Designer:

Haili Wu

Ruka Kameda