Reimagine Camera

The Project outline & Value:

In this project, I aimed to design a 'playful camera'.
With a focus on creating a compelling user experience narrative, this project will develop my ability to manifest my ideas as tangible product propositions which bring delight and value to my intended user.


I started the project by researching the aesthetic, behavioural definitions, form language, materiality and interface of different cameras. To do this, I gathered information about different cameras and their materials and their design background. I also use the paper model to help myself to experience the feeling of using those cameras. 
I also research and interview ‘playful’ people and lifestyles, which can help me to understand what people and scenarios I am facing in this project. The outcome of this study is a user persona that I can reference during the rest of the project.

One of my initial concepts is a camera that can be triggered by people who is playing an arm wrestling game at the party. The idea is that the user always wishes to use the camera to record happy moments at the party; however, because everyone is having fun, so everyone forgot to take enough photos. Therefore, a playful camera that can combine playing games and recording all the happy moments is needed.
After I developed my initial user experience concept, I started to create a shape that can match the user experience. 
I put much effort into making prototypes testing my idea, but I received much useful feedback for my product developments by testing them. 

Initial Concept Storyboard

Form Design




In the outcome, the user uses the camera from two opposite sides of the camera at the same time. Each user grip one handles to play the arm-wrestling game. The camera will take photos of the winner at the moment he/she wins, and the image will pop up on top of the camera and face the loser.

The main body of the camera allows users to draw whatever they want, increasing playability.
The light inside of the camera can hide when it is not in use but tells people how close are they to lose or win during the game, which makes the game more intense.
As a reflection, I think I can make the product more tangible by developing brands of the package around it.